Hair Extension Services

See What Gricelda can do for you! Here are some examples of Gricelda's before-and-after hair extension services as well as an example of her Keratin hair treatment.

Redken Haircolor:

You don't want just color, you want AMAZING COLOR
with depth , dimension, shine, and style.

Redken Haircolor
Demi-Permanent: enhance natural color, refresh faded haircolor, tone highlighted hair
or correct color
Redken Haircolor
Permanent:interact with your hair's
natural pigment to create a final haircolor.

Gricelda uses Redken products for the most professional of results and can match your existing haircolor or do a complete makeover.Highligting is our most popular form of color service. Gricelda uses various techniques, such as artistic foil, placement and custom blended tones and shades.

            Color Your Hair In Gricelda's Salon Because...

            1. Your hair is your best fashion accessory—when it looks amazing, so do you.
            2. Salon color offers you versatility and customized options to deliver the look you want.
            3. Coloring your hair not only makes it shinier and sexier, it can even improve its condition.
            4. You don't need to make a drastic change—even a subtle color enhancementcan make a big difference in your look.
            5. Gricelda is focused on the latest trends and has the skill and creativity to customize the look for you.

Hair Color Services: Single process from $55+. Partial Highlight from $60+. Single Process/ Partial Highlights from $85+.

Haircutting, Hair Styling, and UpDo Styles

Whether it's a subtle or dramatic change you desire, Gricelda will guide you in the process and recommend options that will make you look your best! Using the appropriate technique, using shears or razor, according to your hair texture.Pensacola Hair Salon - Gricelda's Hair Studio

Beautiful, clean, and durable updo's are created at Gricelda's Hair Studio. We can accommodate your WEDDING DAY at the salon for your party only, reservations have to be made 2 months advanced, call for details.


Hair Cuts & Styles:Womens Haircut from $28+. Shampoo/Blowdry&Style from $25+. UP-DO's from $40+ .
Pensacola Hair Salon - Gricelda's Hair Studio


This is a treatment based of Keratin and collagen that naturally softens, shines, smoothes, eliminates frizz and gives you instant manageability.FAQPensacola Hair Salon - Gricelda's Hair Studio

Q. "Is this treatment a relaxer?"
A. "No, it's a treatment that naturally softness, smoothes, and eliminates frizz."
Q. "Can you do the treatment after coloring?"
A. "Yes, we recommend immediately after your color your hair."
Q. "Can you do the treatment on top of relaxed hair?"
A. "Yes, you can do the treatment over any previously relaxed hair, but only after two weeks."
Q. "Can you do the treatment on highlighted hair?"
A. "Yes, you can do highlights and this treatment immediately after."
Q. "Can I shampoo my hair after treatment?
A. " Yes, but only 4 whole days after you done the treatment."
Q. "What should I do if my hair gets wet during the first 4 days?
A Blow dry immediately and flat iron if necessary.
Q. "Should I cut my hair before treatment?
A. " Yes, if you are changing style, No, if you are needing a trim only."

La Brasiliana Keratin Treatment from $180+

Hair Extensions - Gricelda's Hair StudioHair Extensions:

Gricelda is certified in SO CAP Hair Extensions and ULTRATRESS Hair Extensions. Gricelda's Hair Studio uses the Fusion Method, Seamless Method, and Simplicity Method.
For more details refer to the hair extension page.

Pensacola Hair Salon - Gricelda's Hair Studio

Hair Extensions Pricing by consultation only
Pensacola Hair Salon - Gricelda's Hair StudioPensacola Hair Salon - Gricelda's Hair StudioPensacola Hair Salon - Gricelda's Hair Studio
Pensacola Hair Salon - Gricelda's Hair Studio
Pensacola Hair Salon - Gricelda's Hair Studio

Mineral Eye Brow Makeup Kit:
A Guide to Make Awesome Eyebrows Chose from10 different mineral colors with a high concentration in pigment including 6 different stencils. The water resistant make-up is specially designed to create perfectly shaped eyebrows in just seconds. The right brow spacing opens up your eyes and gives you a more expressive look.

  • Looks very natural.
  • Water resistant makeup.
  • Perfect brows in just seconds.
  • Perfect for shaping eyebrows. Use as a guide when applying wax or tweezing.
  • Can be used to color in gray hairs.
  • Can be used as an eye shadow, eyeliner, blush, etc.
  • Gives a more natural look than penciling in or tattooing the eyebrow.
  • Pensacola Hair Salon - Gricelda's Hair Studio

    -click to enlarge!

Pensacola Hair Salon - Gricelda's Hair Studio

Jessica Simpson Bangs
Change your look to suit your mood with our hairdo™ Salon Clip-In Bangs

You can create wide, wispy bangs, angled bangs or volumize your hair at the crown with this affordable, lightweight piece. An illustrated styling guide shows you just how easy it is.



hairdo™ Salon Straight Clip-In Bangs Features:

  • Easy to attach - two pressure sensitive clips sewn into the weft base easily attach to hair.
  • Create a variety of looks - wear alone or in conjunction with other hairdo clip-in extension pieces.
  • Helps disguise thinning hair and add volume to your crown.
  • Easy to maintain - washable with mild shampoo.
  • Illustrated Styling Guide - takes you step-by-step through the attachment process for goof-proof results.
  • Looks and feels natural.
  • Made from soft, natural-looking modacrylic fiber.
  • 11 Multi-Tonal Color Choices: * Black * Dark Brown * Medium Brown * Brown/Blonde highlights * Light Brown * Dark Blonde * Medium Blonde * Light Blonde * Platinum * Red Blonde * Dark Red